His site is still confidential, so I can't show it here, but I can say that the WordPress theme he was talking about is a premium theme that works with WP Job Manager. The rest of the text below is his.

Like the majority of business owners, the idea of creating a website can be like stepping off a plane in a busy unfamiliar city where no one speaks your language. You have to trust that someone will understand your basic attempts at communication or youíll end up spending money on something that you didnít ask for. Having had a bad experience with a web developer in the past, I decided to purchase a WordPress template so that I could chose the basic functions, look and feel of the site from the outset.

I wrote a brief for Jocelyn in laymanís terms and I was very impressed to see an email in my inbox with a decoded brief from Jocelyn with questions regarding how to tackle some of the shortcomings of the template.

The template needed quite extensive editing in areas and it was clear that Jocelyn had understood exactly what we needed from the site. The users would need to spend time entering information into a database and it was crucial that this process was easy and simple to navigate. Jocelynís interpretation of our brief was excellent. Jocelyn integrated a number of plugins, which prevented the need to code custom scripts saving me money. Jocelyn also created a login feature which prevents the website from loading until a registered username and password had been entered.

Jocelyn integrated our logos, colour scheme, graphics and text in a very attractive and well-considered manner linking nicely with the overall look and feel of the site. He also helped us move our domains to our host server, uploaded the site and thoroughly tested the site before he handed it over. I have been very impressed with the time Jocelyn takes to clearly explain what he is doing and when he encounters a problem and needs input from myself. We have asked Jocelyn to manage our site for us which is testament to our trust and confidence in his ability.

Thanks again Jocelyn!