Contents of the DEC-10 Prolog Library

The history and purpose of the library is described elsewhere. This page lists the source files in the library, with a one-line description of each. Library files whose names end in .hlp are help files, and may not all be listed here.
Interlisp like advice package.
Meta circular interpreter maintaining extended and-or tree.
Function application routines based on "apply".
Mackworth's AC-3 algorithm.
Winston arch domain. Inference version.
Winston arch domain.
Winston arch domain, with inference rules.
Arithmetic operator declarations.
Arithmetic operations.
Updateable arrays.
Ask questions that have a one-character answer.
Association lists.
Rename a file according to a back-up convention.
Utilities for "bags".
Generate successive integers.
Missionaries and Cannibals: breadth first search.
Define a schema for breadth-first search.
Bundle and unbundle files.
Conditional compilation.
Convert a formula in FOPC to clausal form.
Operator definitions for logical connectives.
The non-HTML version of this file.
This file.
Information about a valid Prolog file.
Solve cryptarithmetic puzzles.
Character classification.
Example grammar for
Definite Clause Slash Grammar.
DEC-10 compatibility file for C-Prolog 1.4a.
Construct and take apart Prolog control structures.
Find or check the depth of a term.
Define a schema for a depth-first search.
Missionaries and Cannibals depth first search.
Load and define some examples.
Read Prolog terms with extended syntax.
Invoke an editor and return to Prolog.
Illustrate the searching methods.
Evans geometric analogy program.
Simple macro expansion.
Synthesis of an exponentiation routine.
Figures for the Evans program.
Routines for playing with files.
Global variables.
Flatten trees to lists and back.
Reconstruction of Winston learning program.
Redefine foreach/5.
Random number package.
Create new atoms.
Prompt for a file name.
Graph processing utilities.
Define a schema for a guess-first search.
Implement "heaps".
Prints extracts from help files.
Extracts predicate names and descriptions from files.
Prints extracts from help files.
List of directories that contain ".HLP" files.
Missionaries and Cannibals: Heuristic search version.
Unit interface clauses for
Intelligent backtracking.
Miscellaneous interpreted routines.
Inference package for focus program.
Fancy control structures.
Description space for learning isolate rule.
Definitions for
Interactive cross referencer.
Keep predicate(s) in a file.
Lazy lists.
Part of Winston's program.
Version of Vax "lib" predicate.
Version of Vax "lib" predicate.
List handling utilities.
Arrays with logarithmic access time.
Logo-like inference package.
Rational arithmetic.
Make records from lists of relations.
Create the utilities baseload from this library.
Implement finite maps.
Mode error diagnosis in interpreted code.
Meta logical operations.
Elementary module system for DEC-10 Prolog.
List-of-lists utilities.
Version of the "mycin" program.
Suspicious negation.
Routines for checking number and place of occurrence.
Define the "ordered" predicates.
Ordered set manipulation.
Noughts and crosses production system.
Artificial inference testing example for focussing.
Portray lists of characters as strings.
Prolog pretty printer.
Select k'th argument of each element of a list.
Definition of Prolog types for
Write out large blocks of text.
Solve the N queens problem.
Queue operations.
Random number generator.
Tokeniser in reasonably standard Prolog.
Reads tokens up to next ".".
Read Prolog terms in DEC-10 syntax.
Read in a sentence as a list of words.
A flexible input facility.
Version of consult and reconsult.
Royal family data base.
Production rules system.
A sorting routine that exploits existing order.
Implementations of setof, bagof and findall.
Set manipulation utilities.
Solution printed by Evans' program.
Definition of keysort and sort.
Prolog input and output to character strings.
General term hacking.
Production rules for subtraction by borrowing.
Cryptarithmetic solution.
Example sum for use with RULES and SUBTRA.
Example sum for use with RULES and SUBTRA.
Example sum for use with RULES and SUBTRA.
Table of built-in predicates.
Table of built-in predicates.
Test for missing base cases.
Test compiled routines by interpreting them.
Algebraic expression simplifier.
Time execution of predicate.
Time execution of predicate (POP2 component).
Prolog top level.
Produce tracing messages.
Updateable binary trees.
Search directories and extensions to find a file.
Command to display files.
Prolog type checker.
Unit resolution.
For updating data base relations.
Utilities for focussing program.
Operator declarations for utilities package.
Saved state for Edinburgh Prolog ver 1.5.01 (14 Aug 1987).
Check for mis-spelt variables.
Consult all focussing files.
Focussing cross reference.
Conditional plan generator.
Operator declarations for
Formatted write.
Translate XGs to Prolog.
Cross referencer definitions.
Cross referencer.
Cross referencer program.
Collecting-up module of the cross referencer.
Handles .def files for the cross referencer.
Update declarations in Prolog source file.
Output module for the cross referencer.
Cross referencer test file.
Cross referencer test file.
Terminal interaction for cross referencer.