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I've put the cartoons I've so far drawn for this blog, and some of the essays, together into this booklet-format Word file that I printed to show at Oxford's Caption 2009 comics meeting.

If you're interested, download them from the above link, and print on double-sided white A4, preferably on 80 gsm glossy paper, with card covers. The images are higher resolution than the ones I blogged. There are a few cartoons not in the blog, one of which — following the Holoburger advert — shows what happened to the Strategic Defense Initiative. Though it's an old cartoon, and I probably ought to update the list of countries...

I drew most of the cartoons, and most of each cartoon, with a Pentel Brush Pen. Pentel is a Japanese company, and their Brush Pen is a portable pen which can be used for Japanese and Chinese calligraphy and painting. It has a synthetic brush tip fed by replaceable cartridges, which is easier than carrying around an ink stick and ink stone. Thanks to Oxford's Brush & Compass, now merged with Broad Canvas, for introducing me to this excellent instrument.