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Could this be the first published occurrence of the word "blog"? The following passage comes from an account of a science fiction convention:

The First Kettering Science-Fiction Convention really began about three o'clock on Saturday, 9th April, when that five-star fan club from Liverpool presented a very amusing "radio programme", by way of tape recorder, craftily depicting a big-scale science-fiction convention of the future. This included a number of hilarious impressions of well-known fans (including one of myself) and was "sponsored" by the makers of "Blog", the wonder multi-purpose beverage, and was produced in the best commercial radio style. "Blog" was actually put into production later the same evening, by someone who shall remain anonymous, but although it contained many choice ingredients, including baking soda, Scotch whiskey, blackcurrant juice and aspirin and was actually given away free at a riotous party which followed, there was not actually a demand for it. But that is another story . . .

The passage appears in The Cytricon: a Short Report by Peter Hamilton, Nebula Science Fiction, number 13, September 1955. Price 2/–.